Don’t Let This Be You…

While strolling the beach, it was a surprise to see a beached 60′ Yacht.  I couldn’t help but wonder if the owner took the necessary precautions to protect the crew and his boat.  What electronics were on board?  Were they functional?  Was the captain capable of receiving a weather forecast?  Was he knowledgable of the storm surges in that area? I noticed one dragged anchor?  What type of anchor?  How much scope?  Who had anchor watch?  Anchor alarm??  There were 3 people and 3 dogs on the vessel.  Thank goodness there were no injuries. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  Before leaving the dock, know your boat, your crew, your charts and the weather.


To print or not to print…….

Effective April 13, 2014, the federal government will no longer use traditional lithography to print paper nautical charts. Improved paper nautical charts, updated to the time of printing, will continue to be available for purchase from NOAA-certified print-on-demand chart sellers.  This begs the question..  In this digital age are we at a point where we can go completely electronic? 

Electronic Navigational Chart